[CentOS] mail server: sendmail with integrated AD

Tue Aug 20 08:13:12 UTC 2013
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 20.08.2013 06:04, schrieb Riccardo Castellani:
> I'm preparing my new Sendmail mail server with pop3s + smtps where user

SMTPS is obsolete since a couple of years. Use SMTP/STARTTLS instead
over the submission port.

> authentication occurs through Microsoft Active Directory by Winbind daemon.
> OS is Centos 6.4 and Sendmail is 8.14
> Mailboxes will be in this server but how to create them !??!

That totally depends on the choice and configuration of the mail storage
and access server. Sendmail is an MTA, it does not know about
"mailboxes". It knows - if properly configured - about destination mail
addresses it is responsible for to hand over to an MDA/LDA.

> It's necessary to add user by 'useradd' command into /etc/passwd or It's 
> only necessary add new entry in '/etc/aliases' file for every AD user like 
> in following example ?!
> mark.landers:        marklanders
> - 'marklander' is the user account in Microsoft AD
> - user mail is 'mark.landers at example.com'

That depends on the chosen mail storage and access server configuration.
The part of your setup which will server for POP3S. CentOS 6 comes with
cyrus-imapd and dovecot. Read about them and make a choice. Maybe you
already know one of them good enough.

> POP3s
> the account name (AD user), which I'll use to access my mailbox by pop3s, 
> must have the same name of mailbox file ?


> According to previous example:
> if I wanted to download email of 'mark.landers at example.com', in my client I 
> shall have to type 'marklanders' with its password, so my requirement is to 
> have this mailbox file into my mail server:
> <mail path>/<user> for example: /var/spool/mail/marklanders

First you will have to decide whether you will run a single domain setup
or to provide multiple domains where mailbox accout foo at example.com
isn't neccessarily for the same user as foo at example.org or foo at bar.com.

You too will have to decide where to store the mailboxes. That depends
on your chosen mail storage server and its setup.
"/var/spool/mail/<user>" is the ancient default storage location if
nothing specific has been setup. And it is in mbox format by default. In
these days where mailboxes typically get a fair size you should choose
to store in Maildir format. This may not be so relevant in your case as
you like to use POP3 access, which seems to indicate that mail will not
stay on the server but will be quickly fetched off.

> I think pop3S WILL SEARCH mailbox with the same name of account name ! What 
> do you think ? 

No, again. This depends on the setup and configuration of the server
part which provides mail access through POP3(S).