[CentOS] LVM RAID0 and SSD discards/TRIM

Tue Aug 20 10:28:23 UTC 2013
Mihamina Rakotomandimby <mihamina at rktmb.org>

On 2013-08-20 13:20, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> On 19.08.2013 20:28, Joakim Ziegler wrote:
>> So, from what I understand, if I can get this thing running on CentOS
>> 6.4, I'll get kernel discard support, and discard support in LVM when
>> running a RAID0. I'm using ext4.
>> Is that correct? Will this solve my problem? I want to confirm that
>> discard support works on a RAID0 of SSDs using LVM and ext4 before I
>> start working on getting this legacy application to run on a newer CentOS.
> What kind of SSD are you using? We use Intel 520's here and don't really
> see these kind of slowdowns.

Seeing his problem I remember I saw a similar complain about SSD and 
write rate.
Searching my recent archives it appears its neither on such an "old" 
kernel nor on RAID0.

For what it's worth: