[CentOS] k3b -> cddb doesn't work... cdfs?

Wed Aug 21 10:42:44 UTC 2013
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 08/20/2013 10:33 PM Keith Keller wrote:
> On 2013-08-20, ken <gebser at mousecar.com> wrote:
>> Will the many apps which depend upon the existing code-- e.g., grip,
>> k3b, gnome-cd-- still work after installing your software?
> You can install Joerg's version to someplace separate, like /usr/local,
> then test those dependent apps against the /usr/local version.  I do not
> use these programs, so I don't know exactly how they work--if they are
> built against cdrecord libraries, this process might be challenging, but
> if they are just calling external helper programs it might be easy to
> configure e.g. k3b to use the /usr/local versions.
> I hope that's helpful.
> --keith


Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, that would work.  But then I'm pretty 
sure that I'd also need to compile (from source) all (or most) of the 
dependent apps (grip, k3b, gnome-cd, etc.) so that they would look to 
/usr/local/* for supporting libraries and utilities (Joerg's code).  But 
then other supporting libraries-- e.g., for creating and managing the 
GUI-- would use the already existing libraries not under /usr/local/, so 
there'd be quite a bit of tinkering involved.  I haven't actually looked 
at the code for all these apps, so I'm just guessing based on past 

Then too of course there'd need to be a way to ascertain if there was 
any substantial differences in the outputs.  There's some code out there 
since kernel version 2.2 called cdfs which doesn't seem to be on my 
(v.5.9) system.  This allows mounting an audio CD or a disk image of one 
so that it can be examined and, presumably, manipulated.  In fact, maybe 
this is all I need at the moment... that is, after cloning the CD to a 
disk image, it might be possible to edit the track data prior to 
burning.  I don't burn CDs that often, so this would be an acceptable 

Yeah, it might be nice if Joerg's code were incorporated, but I really 
don't know.  I have to think that RH has their reasons.  I'd hope that 
in this FOSS age they'd be purely technical, but who the heck knows? 
Does Debian use the post-2004 code?  And if not, why not?  Lotsa questions.

Me, I just wanted to both rip and clone four music CDs.  Grip handled 
ripping all four just fine.  k3b cloned the last two fine, but not the 
first two.  With the last two, gnome-cd displays the cddb data, but I 
don't think it's getting it from the CD itself, though I could be wrong 
about that.  Again, cdfs would be a nice tool to have here.  But hacking 
code and research and testing is much more than I want to get into just 
to be able to burn a few CDs.