[CentOS] ... cdfs?

Mon Aug 26 11:07:38 UTC 2013
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 08/26/2013 04:46 AM John Doe wrote:
> From: ken <gebser at mousecar.com>
>> CDfs allows mounting a CD with something like:
>> # mount -t cdfs -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdfs
>> [From <http://users.elis.ugent.be/~mronsse/cdfs/>.]
>> How would a person mount a CD using the software mentioned above (if
>> that would be possible at all)?
>> Also, I haven't been able to find cdfs in 5.9.  Is it to be found in a
>> later version?
> It seems a bit old...
> Did you read the INSTALL file?
> JD


This is a CentOS list.  I was assuming everyone would understand I was 
talking about a CentOS package.  So I wasn't talking about installing 
from sources.  This wouldn't be the correct list to ask about that anyway.

As for it's being "a bit old", if software works and does a job that's 
needed, what does it matter if it's "old"?  Maybe that just means no 
bugs have been found in it, so it hasn't been necessary to update it, 
make it *newer*.  E.g., the "cat" command is also quite old.  Should we 
on that account be dismissive of it as well?  Should we not install it 
because it's "old"?

That said, I have to ask you if you read the (rather short) webpage I 
gave the URL for?  There it states there is a version of cdfs for kernel 
version 2.6.27, which is more recent than the latest from CentOS (for 
v.5.9 at any rate).  So by what measure is cdfs "old" (if "old" were a 
meaningful measure of anything)?

Sorry to be so frank, but it was doubtful that subtler language would be 
effective, I've heard this glib Tier 1 mantra already quite enough in 
this lifetime, and would very much like to dispel this and similar 
noetic cruft in hopes of actually engaging the relevant technological 

Now back to the original question: Is cdfs available in CentOS...?  or 
is there perhaps another way to mount audio CDs?