[CentOS] Is X79 Motherboard supported by latest "Centos 5.9" version?

Mon Aug 26 13:29:30 UTC 2013
Steve Brooks <steveb at mcs.st-and.ac.uk>

On Mon, 26 Aug 2013, Michael Duvall wrote:

>        Hi Guys, In a bit of a pickle.. Is anyone running the latest "Centos 5.9"
>        or earlier version with an Intel X79 based motherboard. I have a server
>        which needs the motherboard replacing asap and I have a spare "Sabertooth
>        X79". I have a machine with a "Sabertooth X79" motherboard to test on
>        which boots up fine on on "Centos 5.9 i386" image from the troubled
>        server. However the output from "lspci" (see below) seems far less
>        descriptive than you normally see in "Centos 5" or "Centos 6". I am just a
>        bit worried that this might imply lack of support. I do not need
>        audio/firewire.. but need the essential to work memory, sata etc. Also I
>        thought "i386" installs could not see more than 3 and a bit Gigs of ram?
>        The test machine has 32G and meminfo shows
>        MemTotal:      3574676 kB
>        MemFree:       3146556 kB
> Steve,
> You need to run a PAE 32-bit kernel in order to see more than 3.1 GB.

> I wouldn't be too concerned about the lspci output yet.

Thanks for the help Michael, I suppose if I test the machine as much as 
I can before putting it in service, fingers crossed! Steve