[CentOS] redirecting web requests from localhost

Thu Aug 29 09:34:06 UTC 2013
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Miguel González <miguel_3_gonzalez at yahoo.es>

>     I´m testing a server and try to simulate a server in production. We 
> have a SSL certificate and I have configured the test server with the 
> same servername as it is in production. To access it, I change the hosts 
> file in my laptop to reach the test server.
>     However, the Java application running in the server tries to access 
> some local web content. I have changed the hosts file and some 
> applications (ping, wget) they get the local IP address. However 
> nslookup and maybe our Java application (I didn´t have the programmer 
> available to debug it) are getting the production server IP.

Or, if you have access to your DNS, you could add a view with 
match-clients for your IP and a dedicated file that would resolve to 
your local server IP.