[CentOS] USB Audio sound card

Thu Aug 22 19:11:39 UTC 2013
Glenn Eychaner <geychaner at mac.com>


Ah, the saga of the 1U workstation continues. So, in all my work configuring
the thing, I completely forgot about AUDIO; I only realized my mistake when I
went on a cable-measuring expedition this morning.  Unfortunately, none of the
1U servers I've been looking at come with audio outputs (there aren't even
audio headers on the motherboard), and I've used the only availabnle slot for
my fancy graphics card!

Now, a lesser (or maybe smarter) individual would give up at this point, and
go back to MiniITX or a 2U rackmount (if I could find a short-depth one).
"Nay!" I say.  What about USB Audio? I don't need 5.1 or 7.1 audio here; I'm
plugging in a Dell monitor soundbar.  A quick search of the web says that yes,
these devices will work under CentOS and show up as /dev/dspX devices. So, do
devices like these:

SYBA SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Amigo II USB Interface Sound Card & Headset Adapter

StarTech ICUSBAUDIO USB to Stereo Audio Adapter Converter

work under CentOS 6? Is there one that anyone can recommend?

Glenn Eychaner (geychaner at lco.cl)
Telescope Systems Programmer, Las Campanas Observatory