[CentOS] Third-party SATA-RAID cards suggestions

Sorin Srbu Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
Fri Dec 6 10:47:08 UTC 2013

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> In any case, I sent the thing back to the dealer yesterday. Awaiting their
> testing results.

The dealer just called back and let me know their linux-specialist had had a 
look at the card and flashed a new BIOS to it.
After this the card was found properly by the OS.

Just as well they did it. If I'd botched the flash procedure, warranty would 
have been void...

In any case, the dealer apologized for them not having seen this from the 
start, and offered the fix free of charge.

Seems like all is well and problem solved.

Thanks for all the feedback on this issue! You're great!


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