[CentOS] audio CD playing oddity

Fred Smith fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us
Fri Dec 13 00:42:15 UTC 2013

Hi all!

This isn't anything like urgent, or ultimately even particularly
important, but I find it a curious oddity and thought to in quire if
any of you have thoughts on it...

On my Centos 6.5 box, I have a PATA CDRW drive, and a SATA dvd drive.
when playing a CD in the CDRW drive, every short while I get a sudden
break in the audio while the CD is spun up.
when playing the same CD in the dvd drive, I get no such phenomenon.

I'm theorizing that it's one of:
1. weird PATA drive (next time I open up the case I'll try one of the
   spare drives I have on the shelf, and see).
2. some issue with the way PATA drives work
3. some issue with the way Linux accesses PATA drives.
4. something else.

I note that the drive spins madly once it starts up to read a block of
audio data, slowly spinning down afterwards. If the next read of audio
data occurs before it has stopped, it will read it and spin up further.
if, however, it has spun down (I assume stopped) until the drive seems
to be stopped (or at least silent) I get the pause.

Is there some knob to twist in the PATA subsystem that would have some
effect on this?

or any other pertinent thoughts.

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