[CentOS] No Trackpad tab in Mouse Preferences

Thu Dec 5 16:03:09 UTC 2013
Wes James <comptekki at gmail.com>

I have CentOS 6.5 running on a iMac.  I tried to set up a trackpad, but the
Bluetooth utility said there was no bluetooth hardware.  I rebooted in to
the OS X side and verified that bluetooth was in the system and set up the
trackpad.  I then rebooted in to CentOS again and there was no Bluetooth
icon in the panel for setting up BlueTooth devices, but I pressed the
trackpad and it started working.  I then looked in to enabled tap (instead
of a hard press), but there is no Trackpad tab in the Mouse Preferences
pane.  How do I get the Trackpad tab?  I did rpm -qa|grep synaptics and it
show I have xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-1.6.2-13.el6.x86_64 installed.  How do I
get the Trackpad tab?