[CentOS] about C program of CPP macro problems

Tue Dec 10 14:20:18 UTC 2013
Nicol TAO <taozhijiang at gmail.com>

Hello, all:

I have a program problem, ( may it not have close releationship with
Debian), it described like this:

I want to using #define / #undef, and want to put them in a single macro,
some thing like:

#define DECALRE_TYPE(type) \
{ #undef __curr_type;  #define _curr_type type; }

as we know, this can not passed with CPP, but I need this logical here.

Generally, the problem comes from

#define ser_field(type, var) \
    ser_new_field(tra, #type, #var, offsetof(struct_type, var))

I do not want another additional parameter in this macro like

#define ser_field(type,var,struct_type), and I want a sentence declare
"current struct type"
and all later work of ser_field will defaultly use this type.

I am not sure whether I can express it clearly, any ideas will be greately

Thanks and B.R.

2013/12/10 John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

> From: Lars Hecking <lhecking at users.sourceforge.net>
> > One thing I have noticed on CentOS6 is that rsync via xinetd never
> > works after a reboot. It always takes an additional, post-reboot
> > service xinetd restart to get it going. That has been the same for
> > all revisions up to and including 6.5, and I've seen it on more than
> > just machine.
> >
> > While I don't see such a message on other problem machines, the latest
> > reboot gave me a clue:
> >
> > Dec  9 23:28:36 host xinetd[21131]: bind failed (Address already in use
> (errno =
> > 98)). service = rsync
> > Dec  9 23:28:36 host xinetd[21131]: Service rsync failed to start and is
> > deactivated.
> >
> > Is there any way to debug this? I suspect it needs to be debugged
> > during reboot since the service starts up fine later.
> "Address already in use" => check what is listening on port 873?
> In the rsync xinetd conf it says IPv6 here...
> JD
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