[CentOS] 6.5 minimal kickstart bug?

Mon Dec 16 22:52:45 UTC 2013
Ted Miller <tedlists at sbcglobal.net>

I am new to kickstart file, but my understanding of the process is that I 
am supposed to be able to take the anaconda-ks-cfg file from the /root 
directory, copy it to an accessible location, and point the install disk to 
it, and it should reproduce the install I did originally.

I used the 6.5 minimal install ISO, copied and renamed the ks.cfg.  It is 
seen as a kickstart file, but it refuses to complete the install with the 
error message:

Unable to read package metadata. This may be due to a
missing repodata directory.  Please ensure that your
install tree has been correctly generated.

Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: CentOS

I read the kickstart file and found the Centos reference in the "repo" 
line, which the docs say is optional.  I commented out that line, and the 
file works fine.

I am guessing that this may be a capitalization mismatch?
Or is there something I don't know?
Do I need to do a bugzilla on this?

Ted Miller
Elkhart, IN, USA