[CentOS] died again

Wed Dec 4 05:15:43 UTC 2013
Thomas Dineen <tdineen at ix.netcom.com>


    It will be easier and cheaper to by a static grounding strap
that you wear on your wrist and connect to a conducting part
of the metal cabnet.


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Thomas Dineen

On 12/3/2013 8:27 PM, Michael Hennebry wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Dec 2013, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> Michael Hennebry wrote:
>>> I found my fans and am about to get some thermal
>>> grease and a megohm resistor for static discharge.
>>> Sometime today or tomorrow I will likely
>>> open the case with fear and trepidation.
>>> The sides and top of the case are metal, but painted with an insulator.
>>> The front is plastic.
>>> The back is metal.
>>> I expect I should touch that before opening the case.
>>> What about after?  Is there something else I
>>> should touch before trying to edit its guts?
>> Don't worry. Things are a *lot* less static-sensitive. If you really need
>> grounding, touch a water or gas pipe.
> I worry.
> The first time I opened the case, 'twas to install another hard drive.
> I zapped the video card.
> For grounding, a heating duct would be a lot more convenient than a pipe.
> Would that work?
>>> I've read that just adding more is not a good idea.
>>> If I add to much thermal paste, what do I do about it?
>> I'm still working on "how much". I'd say put a squirt in the middle. Make an
>> CPU
>> ______
>> |     |
>> | OO  |
>> |_____|
>> Maybe a little more. Don't make a deep puddle - you're just smearing some
>> on. Ever put anti-seize on your spark plugs?
> No.
> I'm a software guy.
> Even when I did embedded programming,
> I used the scope a lot less than others.