[CentOS] died again

Wed Dec 4 20:49:30 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 12/4/2013 10:44 AM, Warren Young wrote:
> Bottom line: 70% is too impure for this task.

Huh?!?  I've cleaned numerous CPU-heatsink surfaces with 70% isopropyl, 
never had any problem....  heck, I clean optical lenses with it, in the 
form of those eyeglass wipes you buy by the crate at Costco.

in tests we did 30 something years ago, the 90% medical stuff left a 
white haze, while the 70% regular rubbing stuff didn't.   we were using 
it for cleaning the heads and tape paths of 9 track computer tape 
drives.    sure, the analytic laboratory grade was clean, but also 
stupid expensive, as we were going through a quart a week cleaning a 
dozen high speed tape drives 3 shifts a day 6 days a week (they were in 
constant use loading tapes shipped to us from vendors, so got rather 
dirty rather fast).

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