[CentOS] Issue mounting /home area from NAS server

Thu Dec 5 19:27:25 UTC 2013
Mike Burger <mburger at bubbanfriends.org>

> Hi Mike,
> I think v3 but I'm not sure (how do I check
> this?).  At any rate, I tried your suggestion
> both ways
> [root at mseas etc]# mount -o vers=3 mseas-data:/home
> mount.nfs: Unknown error 521
> [root at mseas etc]# mount -o vers=4 mseas-data:/home
> mount.nfs: mounting mseas-data:/home failed, reason given by server:
>    No such file or directory
> What should I look at next?

You appear to be missing the target mountpoint in your manual commands. It
should probably look more like:

mount -o vers=3 mseas-data:/home /home

On the other hand, a Google search for "mount.nfs: Unknown error 521"
turns up some interesting information:


One of the items is a bug report from Fedora in which it turns out that
the /etc/exports file has some sort of corruption (probably invalid
characters) in it that was causing the NFS server system to not properly
export the filesystem.

You may try, on the mseas-data system, to run "exportfs" to see what the
system thinks it's exporting.
Mike Burger

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