[CentOS] ADMIN issue - manitu

Thu Dec 5 20:10:51 UTC 2013
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Ned Slider wrote:
> On 05/12/13 19:37, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> Ned Slider wrote:
>>> On 05/12/13 18:19, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>>>> Actually, Manitu, also known as NIXSpam, is quite a good list. I've
>>>> been using only this one and Spamhaus for years. Very good FP:Spam
>> <snip>
>>> Simple fact in the second decade of the 21st century is "their server,
>>> their rules". If someone wants to block you they can and they will. If
>>> your outbound server is spamming me I'd block you too. I don't care how
>>> many other people might be using it. It's not difficult to prevent
>>> outgoing spam, be responsible or be blocked. My server, my rules.
>>> As you've found out, twice now, it's highly effective and gets people's
>>> attention. As it's got your attention twice now, I'd suggest you either
>>> get used to it or move your outbound mail to a clean host. It's been
>>> going on long enough now that it's pretty obvious hostmonster don't
>>> care
>>> (if it's on my radar, it must have caught their attention - after all,
>>> it's their servers). They are happy to keep taking your money.
>> And here's two thoughts that just struck me: first, they have no way to
>> apply to be whitelisted.
>> And second, NIXSpam is a free service, right? Um, as someone said
>> recently, you get what you pay for.
> As Kai pointed out they are actually a very effective blacklist,
> irrespective of cost.

I do *not* think it is. I strongly disagree. I've given two examples,
years apart, of two seperate large ISPs being blocked.
> I don't understand why you persist with this. You say you've been hit

Because I'd like to see the CentOS list use something other than NIXSpam.

> with this a dozen or two dozen times now. You'd think by now you would
> have figured it out? You are collateral damage. No one cares.
> Hostmonster don't care - they are more than happy to keep taking your

Actually, they do. I've spoken to them, to tier 2 support, and it does
matter to them, and they do keep working at getting unblocked. But as long
as there's users who get their home or work PC infected, incidents will

And I do *NOT* believe it's just me. It's obvious on the face of it that
in both instances I've given examples of, that many other people who use
the same services get hit. If I thought it was *only* me, I'd have been
annoyed, but gone to another hosting provider. But a) are you going to
claim that, no matter who I go to, unless I pay $60 or $100 or more a
month, that it's not going to happen again with another provider? And b)
why should I pay that much more for problems on one mailing list, of the
half a dozen or more that I'm on?

> money each month. If they cared it wouldn't be happening time and time
> and time again. Manitu don't care - hostmonster spam their servers so
> get blacklisted. That's what they do.

And the example I gave, from a dozen years ago, when there were more
mailing lists - did the many residents of the city of Chicago "deserver"
being blacklisted?
> YOU are the only person that cares because you are being directly
> impacted by it. If I were you I wouldn't stand for it. I'd go elsewhere.
> I probably would have moved after the second time it happened. If you
> are still with them after multiple instances you only have yourself to
> blame. Stop whinging to this list about it and do something about it -
> either move to another (clean) provider or provision yourself a mail
> server in clean IP space that you don't share with spammers.

So, you're offering to pay the difference between the, what is it, $6/mo
that I pay, and a commercial rate?