[CentOS] died again

Sat Dec 7 08:19:39 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 12/6/2013 11:47 PM, Eliezer Croitoru wrote:
> The TPM can be an issue but once you install the OS(LINUX) on DISK(maybe
> on another machine) it should fly by default.
> What is the meaning of "Trusted" by HP\COMPAQ? I do not know yet.
>   From what I understand a Refurbished means "Used and was used in a
> company\office the last time before being tested in lab".

refurbs can also be open box mechandise.  retail product returns. at 
dell outlet, a lot of the systems they sell are production overruns and 
order cancellations.   XYZ Corp ordered 30 of a specific configuration 
Latitude E7440, then cut back to 20, so Dell has 10 extra.   I've bought 
stuff from Dell Outlet, both the business version and the home version, 
its been fine.    you have to check it a couple times a day for a few 
weeks if you want a specific configuration (say, a E6420 14", with the 
FHD screen, the backlit keyboard, a good CPU, and extended battery).

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