[CentOS] died again

Sun Dec 8 23:31:17 UTC 2013
Michael Hennebry <hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

On Sun, 8 Dec 2013, John R Pierce wrote:

> On 12/8/2013 8:27 AM, Michael Hennebry wrote:
>> On Sat, 7 Dec 2013, John R Pierce wrote:
>>>> geez, its a 10 year old pentium-4, and not even a late p4, a middle aged
>>>> 32bit-only one....   put it out of its misery, its been living on
>>>> borrowed time for the last 5 years.
>> You mean since it was two?
> i find most computer electronics have a half life of about 5 years.
> after 5 years, they get increasingly flakey.   your motherboard is a 10
> year old system, hence my 'borrowed time for 5 years' statement.

You mean it was rotting just sitting on a shelf?
That is assuming mine was one of the first ones made.

> the 865G chipset on that motherboard was new in 2003, and the Pentium-4
> "northwood" CPU (I think thats what you have) were obsoleted by 2004
> (processors started coming in socket 775 rather than 478 circa summer
> 2004).
> that D865GBF motherboard was new in April 2003, and the final
> specification update was November 2004, although they probably did sell
> it for another year or so before it was withdrawn.   It was taken off
> support in 2007, so if you got it 7 years ago (2006?), it was already
> nearing its end-of-support-life.

"The warranty wore out."

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