[CentOS] RHEL 7 Beta is now public

Thu Dec 12 11:30:49 UTC 2013
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 12/13/2013 12:17 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 12/12/2013 11:03 AM, Peter wrote:
>> I've installed RHEL7 onto a Xen VM running off a CentOS 6 host.  
> this is a great test to have done. Would really like to hear comments
> about process and result. I presume this is with the Xen4CentOS stack ?

No, it's with CRCinAU's stack, actually, and mainly because I was
running this server before Xen4CentOS was released.

Oh I forgot to mention the other issue, I'm running it under pvgrub (and
it works fine with a normal grub.conf file, btw, no need to install
grub2 that way), and I had to regenerate the initramfs, the one supplied
with the kernel did not come with the xenblk and xennet drivers
installed.  That was also somewhat expected, though, and not necessarily
a bug, but RHEL7 is supposed to be supported as a Xen domu, so it may be.