[CentOS] died again

Fri Dec 13 23:20:27 UTC 2013
Michael Hennebry <hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

I've tried to open the power supply to look for capacitor guts and such.
I've unscrewed it from the case and removed the
screws that seemed sufficient for separation.
The stumbling block seems to be under the "QC PASS"
sticker near the rainbow of wires coming out.
I've gotten the edge of a box cutter in the
gap that had been covered by the sticker,
so I know that the sticker itself is not the problem.

See web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu/~hennebry/computer/ps[123].jpg .

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Michael   hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.NoDak.edu
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