[CentOS] Problem with Mail Server CentOS 6.5 (Postfix, Dovecot)

Sat Dec 14 17:10:49 UTC 2013
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 14.12.2013 17:44, schrieb JEWEL AHMMED:
> I flow the tutorials...

Forget about tutorials. They tell only a very small part of the story,
mostly without any explanation why a specific setup is chosen.

> But, I can't success.. :(
> Please check this links:

[ ... ]

> Please tell me which is good ?
> & Do I need to change any command or step?
> I want to use mail client for sending & receiving mail Eg. Thunderbird ( 

Use the software's original documentation:



If you have no concept about what you are doing to achieve your goal,
then you should get good books which explain the basics. Setting up a
mailserver (MTA and mail storage/access server) is a tough job these
days because all the things involved (DNS, SSL, DKIM, SPAM fighting
technics) and having a good knowledge about the various RFCs.