[CentOS] died again

Mon Dec 16 18:00:12 UTC 2013
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On 12/16/2013 09:53, Michael Hennebry wrote:
> The one with the visible VENT and 105 printing?

"Vent" just calls out that there is a vent on the top of the cap, which 
it obvious without the label.  It's the scoring in the metal, which 
allows the top of the cap to break open in a controlled way if the 
pressure inside gets too high.  Without the vent, a failing cap holds 
the pressure in until it explodes like a firecracker.

The other label is actually 105℃, meaning that it's rated for a certain 
number of hours of use at 105℃.  That means it's probably a fairly high 
quality cap.  If you have to replace this cap, you'd want to match that 
temperature rating as well as the capacitance and voltage rating.

You'll probably find that *all* of the caps are 105℃ rated, so they'll 
have that marking on them somewhere.

(You think things are complicated already?  Wait until you start 
shopping for caps!)

> And to the right of the pink padlocky thing.


Do you mean the chokes, which have yellow cores and red and orange 
lacquered wire?

Or perhaps the dark gray cored inductors, with red wire?

Or do you mean the pink resistors(?) near the board edge?

> To me it looks too fuzzy to tell.
> I'm sure that is partly the dust.

Yes.  You should have blown the dust out before taking the pics.  It 
needs to be blown out regardless.

> VENT105 does look like it's bulging a bit.

It doesn't look like it to me.