[CentOS] And then there was one (browser)

Fri Dec 20 02:43:56 UTC 2013
Darr247 <darr247 at gmail.com>

On 20 DEC 2013 @02:06 zulu, John R Pierce wrote:
> how many XP systems are still in use?

We have 3 XP desktops connected to the LAN in our home. We also have 3 
Win7 laptops. I used to dual-boot fedora on one of the laptops, until 
windows refused to apply SP1 because of grub's alterations to the 
MBR...  it was happy to install with Dell's MBR, though (which starts up 
their customized version of CyberLink's PowerCinema, called MediaDirect) 
when an alternate 'On' button is used).

> how many people use C6 as a desktop?

I have 2 (it's not that I *hate* GNOME3 as much as I'm waiting for as 
many bugs as possible to be worked out before I'm forced to give up 
something that works fine and use something that, well... doesn't; 
preferably one in which alacarte is functional and actually edits/saves 
the GNOME3 menus).

I also have used the script from http://chrome.richardlloyd.org.uk/ to 
install google's Chrome repo and Chrome 28+ (up to version 31.something 
now) on both those C6 machines, and am completely happy with the way it 
sequesters the updated libs (grabbed from a fedora 15 archive repo) from 
the 'stock' libs so only Chrome accesses and uses them.

Melly xmas.