[CentOS] And then there was one (browser)

Sat Dec 21 12:55:52 UTC 2013
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 12/21/2013 04:14 AM, Александр Кириллов wrote:
>>> Well, turns out it was more than a rumour. Here it is, some test 
>>> version:
>>> http://people.redhat.com/tpopela/rpms/
>> I would recommend trying those RPMs .. I will see if I can get it to
>> build and get it into my chromium soon.
> chromium-31.0.1650.63-1.el6_5.src.rpm builds (in mock) and installs just 
> fine in C6.5 64-bit.

Indeed it does and I have put a version of it built for centos-6 i386 an
x86_64 in my testing repo:


I will try to keep this updated (as I did before) when new versions of
chromium become available.

I was able to rebuild other versions of the 31.x tree for testing a
process to keep chromium updated ... however, the current chromium beta
tree (32.0.1700.68 right now) fails to build.

As always with things in my personal repo ... use at your own risk :)

Johnny Hughes

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