[CentOS] Serial Console Config in 6.5

Sun Dec 22 19:15:55 UTC 2013
Michael Lampe <lampe at gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de>

Camron W. Fox wrote:

> After upgrading from 6.4 to 6.5, our serial console configuration non
> longer work. We have the following upstart file: ...

According to the comments in /etc/init/serial.conf you shouldn't have a 
/etc/init/ttyS0.conf or do anything to /etc/securetty. This is all 
handled automatically. You just add 'console=tty0 console=ttySX,YZ' to 
the kernel line in grub and that's it.

I did it like this a couple of days ago on 6.5. Works as advertised for 
me but I have never used a serial console before.