[CentOS] Amavisd start - SOLVED

Mon Dec 23 13:15:35 UTC 2013
Jussi Hirvi <listmember at greenspot.fi>

On 23.12.2013 13.17, Jitse Klomp wrote:
> You should turn SELinux back on and run 'restorecon /etc/amavisd.conf' to
> (re)set the correct SELinux context.

Thanks, maybe I will try that.

I have never learned to use SELinux, and most tutorials on the net - for 
example on how to install a mail server system on CentOS 6 - include no 
directions at all for SELinux, so the tutorials only work if one turns 
SELinux off.

So it looks like I am not the only lazy person around. :-)

- Jussi