[CentOS] How to setup VNC for GDM access on 6.3

Bob Hepple bob.hepple at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 23:37:27 UTC 2013

Bob Hepple <bob.hepple at ...> writes:

> Bruce Ferrell <bferrell at ...> writes:
> This doe what you want - not sure if it's optimal, but by putting it in
> /etc/rc.local I can see gdm on reboot:
> x11vnc -xkb -auth guess -q -rfbauth /home/bhepple/.vnc/passwd -display :0
> -clear_all -loop

Hmmm - apologies for repetition but it seems my followup was lost ...

I wanted to mention that it's probably a good idea to use a port other than the
default to avoid conflict with other servers which might be running eg vino. I
use "-rfbport 3389" as that port makes it through our firewall (it's the RDP
port). Also I should mention that the remote screen is unlocked and alive so
there are security concerns with this approach. Anyone know how to disable/lock



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