[CentOS] OpenSSL 1.0.1c for CentOS 6.3

Thu Jan 10 09:24:34 UTC 2013
Bry8 Star <bry8star at yahoo.com>

another user on different mailing list pointed out openssl 1.0.1c
from fedora 18 will work on centos 6.3, and also warned on replacing
core components, and i also know as well, various other component
starts to fail/stop working, like openssh, etc, if not properly
pre-configured after a upgrade.

Can anyone point out to a detail helpful & working article ? which
will help on replacing CentOS 6.3 older 1.0.0-25 openssl with the
latest+stable openssl 1.0.1c ?

initially i was able to compile/load them on a different/2nd
directory, and manually/directly use them.

but would be very helpful if default openssl could be upgraded.

Thanks in advance,
-- Bright Star.

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