[CentOS] Building Dovecot CentOS 5 RPMs with custom LDAP packages

Fri Jan 11 10:25:58 UTC 2013
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 20/4/2012 11:10 μμ, fakessh wrote:

> look my personal rpm source of dovecot
> its more simply and stable
> http://ns.fakessh.eu/rpms/dovecot-2.1.4-1.centme.el5.src.rpm

Hi fakessh,

I was looking at your: 
http://ns.fakessh.eu/rpms/dovecot-2.1.8-1.centme.src.rpm package (after 
adapting to build for 2.1.13) and I am trying to figure out how to build 
with custom LDAP libraries. I build Postfix using:

    CCARGS="${CCARGS} -DHAS_LDAP -I/usr/local/openldap/include"
    AUXLIBS="${AUXLIBS} -L/usr/local/openldap/lib64 -lldap -llber"


    BuildRequires: openldap-ltb-debuginfo >= 2.4.33

Your Dovecot spec file (with respect to LDAP) only states:

    BuildRequires: openldap-devel

So, I can change that to:

    BuildRequires: openldap-ltb-debuginfo >= 2.4.33

but I will need to define custom locations for the libraries. How do I 
do that in your spec file?

Please advise. (Sorry, I am not an RPM-build guru.)

Thanks in advance.