[CentOS] grub issues on reinstall. [resolved-ish]

Sat Jan 12 02:41:54 UTC 2013
zGreenfelder <zgreenfelder at gmail.com>

>> running find /grub/grub.conf from the grub shell when the machine
>> tries to boot returns (hd0,0)
>> and /dev/sdi1 is where /boot mounts.
> That's *very* odd. You don't have an HBA or something else - flash key?
> anything? What's on this system that it sees stuff that high?
> Directly related: look at your BIOS, and see what drives it sees, and
> what's bootable, in what order. Perhaps you can move up the boot drive?
> <snip>

So I went back to this tonight and fought, fought and fought some more.
there was no HBA sort of thing, just a little home machine, the BIOS
could see all the drives and were all in the order I expected, but I
never got anywhere with trying to write to the MBRs of any of the
drives.  I could go into recovery mode and get the installed system to
come up that way, utilities like grub-install seemed to hang in
attempting to write to the devices.   I ended up just bailing, took a
USB key installed it (it showed up as /dev/sda) and installed grub to
the MBR there so now I can boot.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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