[CentOS] Upgrading Python with NumPy, SciPy and Mayavi on a CentOs 6.2 (Rocks 6.0) cluster

Sun Jan 13 18:06:00 UTC 2013
Patrick Haley <phaley at MIT.EDU>


We are looking for some guidance in installing an upgraded
Python on our cluster.  Our cluster was installed with Rocks 6.0,
is running CentOs 6.2, and has python-2.6.6, gcc-4.4.6.  We
would like to install an upgraded version of Python along with
the following modules

Scipy   (which will require a compatible version of the Atlas libraries)
Mayavi  (which will require a compatible version of vtk)

We were wondering if anyone has experience in installing these
packages, what are the best combinations of compatible versions,
what other upgrades will be needed (e.g. will we need to
upgrade the gnu compilers to install the latest versions) and
where these should be installed (local disks, /share/apps, other?).

A little more background, our students are currently working
with a local installation using


We would like to install these packages in a more
appropriate, cluster-wide area and upgrade these
packages as appropriate.  We are also aware of a
Rocks python roll which contains python-2.7.2 and
an upspecified version of NumPy (is it possible to
find out which version, before installing the roll?).


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