[CentOS] Use of CentOS name and logo

Tue Jan 15 09:15:42 UTC 2013
Giacomo Sanchietti <giacomo.sanchietti at nethesis.it>

my name is Giacomo Sanchietti and I'm working for a company called Nethesis.

We are working on a CentOS derived distribution like SME Server.
It's a minimal CentOS with a software layer on top to add a web 
configuration interface.

The CD iso, it's a CentOS minimal CD with some extras packages from 
centos-base yum group, and a kickstart file to automatize the 
installation process.

We did not rebrand anaconda, so during installation (and first boot) 
CentOS logo and name will be visible. Is this a problem? Are there any 
legal issues? Do we need to rebrand all the distro?

Thank you

Giacomo Sanchietti

Nethesis srl
Via degli Olmi 12 - 61122 Pesaro (PU)
tel. +39 0721 405516 - fax +39 0721 268147
www.nethesis.it - supporto at nethesis.it