[CentOS] Share GFS2 partition freezes when new node add in the cluster

Thu Jan 17 10:12:33 UTC 2013
Francisco J. Valero <francisco.valero at masvoz.es>

Hi all.

I need support about GFS2 and RHCS.

Actually I have cman cluster formed by 9 nodes.

All works whitout problems but when I try to include a new node in the
cluster I must reboot all nodes because share partition GFS2 freezes. 

cman_tool status not show "Blocked activity" in each node and in logs
all apears normally whitout any WARNING or ERROR in /var/log/cluster/*

I have not found solution about this and I'm desperate.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Francisco J. Valero
Departamento Técnico | Seguridad y Sistemas
francisco.valero at masvoz.es
Tel/Fax: 902500807 Ext. 106