[CentOS] cronjob not running

Tue Jan 22 18:23:33 UTC 2013
Adekoya Adekunle <adekunleadekoya at gmail.com>

i did this  from the console
   crontab -e

then i inserted this in my vi editor
   10 * * * *  curl http://mysite.com/test.php

then i exited vi

then i did crontab -l
  and the cron job was listed

then i did

 /sbin/service crond start

and i waited for 10 mins to get a message echo to my console. the  message
is displayed in my browser when the php script(http://mysite.com/test.php)
is loaded via my browser.  The message is also shown on my console when d
curl command is run direct from the console.

the problem is getting the message from the cronjob.

what could be wrong ?  could it be that the job is not well setup ?

note , i logged in as root user.

please help