[CentOS] Fencing a Dell T110 II

Thu Jan 10 14:38:20 UTC 2013
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

Sorry for not having the replies, but I'd already turned on Digest mode 
for the list.

To Joseph and John:

Concerning the odd choice for a server. I don't usually pick the servers 
here since we sort of have a guy that does all of the ordering for us. 
He typically does a good job. I do scan the requirements for the machine 
before it's ordered. The problem here is that because this was a Dell 
"PowerEdge" I didn't bother looking to see what all was provided in the 
BMC stuff, so I can't blame anyone but myself. In this instance, 
"PowerEdge" is a real misleading label. And as I said, only two PEs of 
all their servers don't have the DRAC stuff on them.

To Patrick:

I had tried setting up BMC for using IPMI. Using ipmitools, I could only 
get stats on the local machine. I couldn't get remote stats.

The setup for the BMC, using Ctrl-E during boot, always stated that 
there was "No Active Lan" availailbe for BMC, and I couldn't figure out 
where that was turned on.
I could set the address, indicate that the NIC was to be shared, all 
parameters were specified except being able to turn on a NIC for BMC. 
There's only one on-board NIC, so I wasn't picking the wrong one. After 
further reading about this particular model of PE, I began thinking that 
it just wasn't available remotely and only served to warn of failures by 

If you can provide more on how you set this up, I'd like to compare my 
way against yours please, Patrick.

Anyway, thanks for the replies.