[CentOS] Off-Topic: Low Power Hardware

Mon Jan 14 15:24:37 UTC 2013
Phil Dobbin <bukowskiscat at gmail.com>

On 01/11/2013 02:59 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> On 01/11/2013 02:55 PM, SilverTip257 wrote:
>> I'm in search of some hardware that consumes a low amount of power for use
>> as a test-bed for Linux, various coding projects, and LAN services.
> I have a couple of HP MicroServers N40L's with 8gb of ram each; although 
> they only have a dual core, and a real lower power cpu - it tends to be 
> fast enough for most things. eg. I am using those to test the installers 
> in 5.9/i386 and x86_64  in various conditions and the install time is 
> very acceptable.
> Plus, they run CentOS5/6 32 and 64bit perfectly.

I too had been looking at these as the servers I use at present for
testing are using way too much power (I have 3 off dual core Poweredge
860s with 8GB of RAM).

Looking at the specs for N40Ls though put me off because they're rated
at 150W. Or am I missing something here?



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