[CentOS] firefox 18

Sat Jan 26 12:32:32 UTC 2013
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

fred smith wrote:
> For example, I don't think you want it to be on the release update
> channel,... wouldn't that cause the firefox update logic to automatically
> clobber your build with the next automatic update? which resulting
> Firefox then won't work--the whole reason why we're doing our own builds.

Good point - I was just copying what was given via about:buildconfig

In my case, this wouldn't matter as we lock the preferences 
"app.update.auto" and "app.update.enabled" to false to prevent automatic 

However, I don't know what a reasonable setting of 
'enable-update-channel' should be instead?

> [later...]   Ah, it seems to have completed a build, now.
> next dumb question: I recall from when I've built it (years) in the
> past that there's a tool, somewhere, for creating an installable .tgz
> file, like the one we can download from mozilla. so far I haven't
> tripped over it in 18.0.1, do you happen to know what that is?

Once 'make -f client.mk' has completed OK, cd to the 
obj-i686-pc-linux-gnu subdirectory and run 'make package' and it will 
create a bzip2'd tar archive in the dist subdirectory

James Pearson