[CentOS] Centos 6.3 - which repos to use?

Sun Jan 27 15:43:53 UTC 2013
Mark LaPierre <marklapier at aol.com>

On 01/27/2013 08:18 AM, Bry8 Star wrote:
> Hi Anthony, it would be really great, to see various types of
> repo-configs on centos wiki, now if few helpful&  experienced users
> can grab this idea and come forward and share their repo config (and
> their case/usage scenario along with that), then that would be great.
> I'm wondering, why no (experienced) users have already done that yet
> ! ? (CentOS is not very new at all).
> Boxes where i try/test-out new features, apps, etc, I think my repo
> configs on those will probably be not useful for many&  not likened
> by many, as my need&  choices&  mods are different than others.
> Service providing (production) server box's repo configs are
> comparatively&  usually much simpler.
> i will try to share few of my repo-configs in wiki, these are,
> again, will be based on
> my own choices+cases+scenario+preferences.
> So even if i share my own repo-configs, it will not solve problems
> of many types of the mass / users.
> Someone already EXPERIENCED in CentOS and long time user, should
> FIRST come forward for the community in WIKI pages, and set an
> example standard, (amazingly no has yet done that), ... whereas i'm
> relatively much less-experienced and recently trying to build boxes
> out of RHEL clone/derivatives (CentOS), with expectation that it
> might be possible to provide service(s) based on already available
> various latest released apps, which are STABLE+last+latest.
> For example, IF CentOS/RHEL (based/clone/derivative linux) has a
> specific app/lib at v7.00, and if the source/origin/upstream
> developer has released a STABLE version v9.00 (with new features and
> older bugs fixed), and when more bugs are fixed later on for the
> v9.00, then how that patch/code is re-implemented on v7.00 ! ? would
> not a v9.00 bug-fix/patch cause more problem(s) when applied on v7.00 ?
> or, is it this case, that, when a bug-fix/patch is applied on an
> older v7.00 app/lib by RHEL upstream developers (or by origin/source
> upstream developers), and then, that is, later
> re-applied/re-implemented on RHEL/CentOS (clone/derivative) v7.00
> app/lib ?
> So, does that mean that a CentOS/RHEL based clone/derivative linux's
> v7.00 app/lib, will always lack new v9.00 features ? until, few
> months/yrs later when CentOS/RHEL clone/derivative also gets finally
> updated to v9.00 ? but by then source/origin upstream developers
> most likely already released v11.00 or so ?
> or, is it this case, that, when some features of v9.00 are
> transferred into v7.0, then that is also re-implemented by
> CentOS/RHEL ? is this really happens ?
> or, is it, that, CentOS/RHEL based linux developers decide to add
> v8.00 in CentOS/RHEL, as an update to the previous v7.00, and then
> that is re-applied over the previous v7.00 ? but is not by then RHEL
> or source/origin upstream/developers already released v10.00, after
> v9.00 ?
> (Sorry for spelling&  grammar mistakes in previous and in this
> posting, pls kindly disregard, its not a grammar discussion thread).
> -- Bry8Star.
> Received from Anthony K, on 2013-01-27 2:48 AM:
>> On 26/01/13 14:59, Bry8 Star wrote:
>>> CentOS webpage/site should also show to all users, some example
>>> of using multiple repos and how to implement effective
>>> includepkgs, exclude, priority etc directives properly for some
>>> certain last&  STABLE app(s) (which is by default not in
>>> CentOS), so that others can understand the pattern, or have a
>>> pointer for them. Just mentioning about, that, there is such
>>> things called "includepkgs=...", "exclude=..." ad now go do it
>>> yourself (and sorry no example), obviously does not help that
>>> much to users, and its CentOS's loss as well, users go away to
>>> other distros, and ultimately many of them are lost in the
>>> jungle. -- Bright Star (Bry8Star).
>> But you appear to be missing the "C" part in CentOS (or Community
>>   Enterprise OS).  If you can contribute to the Wiki, then the
>> immediate problem is solved in that such threads can be pointed
>> to the Wiki and slows the growth of my CentOS list folder!
>> Frankly, if you have a good point to make that would benefit the
>> masses and you have spare time, then it's best to create a Wiki
>> page for it.
>> Cheers, ak.

There is already a fine page on this subject on the wiki.


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