[CentOS] Centos 6.3 - which repos to use?

Mon Jan 28 19:26:03 UTC 2013
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 27/1/2013 5:11 μμ, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> Taking gtk2 as in our example here, if you wanted a new gtk2 in
> CentOS-5.9, then you would have to rebuild the following packages:

A quick (?) question:

What is the best way to view dependencies?

1. We can use yum deplist <xxx.rpm> to view dependencies of a particular 
installed package, but we would like to limit output to only *already 
installed* packages and not view all suitable ones. Also, we would like 
to view dependencies as a full rpm name and not as they are output by 
default (e.g. not "glibc.x86_64 2.12-1.80.el6_3.6" but 

2. Is there a way to find out the opposite, i.e. which *installed* 
packages are dependent on a particular installed package? In your 
example above (about gtk2), how could we have produced the list of 
dependent-on-it packages which you have kindly provided?