[CentOS] xhost + via Desktop centos 6.3 not working

Wed Jun 5 13:15:30 UTC 2013
Edsall, William (WJ) <WJEdsall at dow.com>

Hello list,
 In the past we have instructed users to perform 'xhost +' from their centos desktop, then set the DISPLAY variable on a remote computer to forward their display back to the desktop. This does not seem to work on centos 6 - but it did work in centos 5. It works from a vnc session on the desktop machine, but does not work from the local desktop.

We would typically use a display variable like this: export DISPLAY= -  The target system acts like the request is being refused:
Error: Can't open display:

Have there been any changes in centos 6 which make xhost + behave differently for the desktop session?
 We've been struggling with this issue now for some time - can't find the right solution. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,