[CentOS] Setting up paths etc. for Qt 4 development

Tue Jun 11 08:02:03 UTC 2013
Toralf Lund <toralf.lund at pgs.com>


I was just wondering, is there a "correct" or "preferred" way of setting 
up the path and other environment variables for Qt 4 development/build 
using qmake and all - on a CentOS 6 system?

I mean, this does not work out-of-the box, at least if you have build 
files that assume "qmake" may be executed just like that - as there is 
no Qt 4 qmake on the path, although "qmake-qt4" is available. Also, if 
qt3-devel is installed, and the default path setup is used, "qmake" will 
point to the Qt 3 version, as the package includes a profile.d file that 
modify the path in such a way. Which also sets up other Qt related 
variables, I believe. There is no such file in qt4-devel, however.

I know ways to set up everything so that this works as expected, of 
course, but it would be interesting to know how the packagers intended 
it to be done. Are you expected to edit login files by hand? That's sort 
of surprising in this day and age... Or is the thinking that the 
suffixed ("-qt4") version of commands will always be used? Or that 
everyone will be using plain make with pkg-config? Or is there some 
other mechanism that should to be used to select the right Qt version?

- Toralf

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