[CentOS] XFS inode64 NFS export on CentOS6

Wed Jun 19 12:10:46 UTC 2013
Maarten van Ingen <maarten.vaningen at surfsara.nl>


I am trying to get the most out of my 40TB xfs file system and I have noticed that the inode64 mount option gives me a roughly 30% performance increase (besides the other useful things).
The problem is that I have to export the filesystem via NFS and I cannot seem to get this working with the current version of nfs-utils (1.2.3).

The export option fsid=uuid cannot be used (the standard nfs-utils does accept this option). Also I am not exporting the root of the filesystem, but a couple of subdirs.
If I mount the subdirs on the clients it seems to go alright. But when I do e.g. an 'ls' I get a 'Stale NFS handle' error.

Updating nfs-utils seems not so trivial so I would like to skip this option :-)

How can I export this filesystem with inode64 enabled and mount it on my clients? All clients are Centos6 64bits as is the server.

Maarten van Ingen