[CentOS] Frustrated. Java on Centos 6 doesn't give an error message when downloading from a Samsung Galaxy S3

Sat Jun 1 15:31:47 UTC 2013
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 02/06/13 00:38, Rock wrote:
>> The phone should mount successfully!   If not, then I'd really like to
>> know what else the locked S3 does to the PC that requires a reboot to fix!
> Me too! :)
Please post what you see in /var/log/messages when you attach a locked 
S3.  Run the following command before plugging in a locked S3:
tail -f /var/log/message

Hit enter key a few times to help demarcate the start of output (don't 
worry, that won't affect the contents of /var/log/messages, just what 
appears on screen).