[CentOS] Need a Centos 6 USB hard drive recovery procedure

Mon Jun 3 19:41:02 UTC 2013
Rock <Rocksockdoc at gmail.com>

On Mon, 03 Jun 2013 16:41:29 +0200, Louis Lagendijk wrote:

> testdik can work on a disk image, so I recommend using that. Don't risk
> chaging the original disk (although testdisk is not supposed to touch it
> /Louis

Thanks Louis for sticking with me. I do greatly appreciate your help!

I'm so out of my league; but I'll try to faithfully report the comings
and goings - so that others - who follow in our footsteps - may benefit.

At the moment, I have the dd image that I'll use testdisk on; and I have
the original disk that I'm using Recuva on (in Windows XP Home, so it's 
really OT for this forum).

Unfortunately, Recuva is giving an error, that one (or more) of the 
400K files has too long of a file spec (sheesh. They could at least 
tell me *which* filespec it is); so I have to back up the files by
keyword searches (without the help of regular expressions); so, overall, 
I'd say Recuva is a bad way to do things:
Details here if you're interested:
 Need to know how to recover table of contents for an external NTFS 150GB disk