[CentOS] Max XFS journal size in Centos 6 = 2GB?

Tue Jun 18 16:33:39 UTC 2013
Mark Snyder <msnyder at highlandsolutions.com>

Yes, with kernel > 2.6.27. But see http://xfs.9218.n7.nabble.com/External-log-size-limitations-td11878.html, 512MB is recommended there instead of the max for a number of reasons.

FYI xfs does not yet support moving the log from internal to external or vice-versa, or growing the log size. You need to specify the log size and if it's external at creation time.

I've experimented with putting the external log file on a RAM drive, and it does speed things up. I would only do this temporarily though, since you would have no journal if the system crashed. 

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Hi all,

I read that XFS now has a max journal size of 2Gb rather than 128M.

Is this correct?

Thanks in advance,

- aurf

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