[CentOS] LVM + XFS + external log + snapshots - SOLVED

Tue Jun 25 13:02:58 UTC 2013
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 06/24/2013 07:49 PM, aurfalien wrote:
> Freezing the fs looks to make the log zero.  So assigning any
> device/file for the external log would work. My mistake was not
> making the log dev an LVM.  However I don't if a log on an LVM would
> have worked anyways.

It wouldn't work.  If you snapshot a filesystem (XFS or Ext4) with an 
external journal, you'll need to create a new one or modify the snapshot 
to specify no journal.

I've started a project to handle these things automatically and make it 
easier for everyone to make backups using snapshots.  Initial work is 
here, and I'll be picking it up again when I'm back from Prague.


I'll be adding support for XFS, NetApp, and btrfs soon.