[CentOS] Setting up dovecot under CentOS-6.4

Sun Jun 30 13:16:54 UTC 2013
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it>

John R Pierce wrote:

>> What puzzles me is the role, if any, of procmail and .procmailrc
>> in this new system.
>> Is procmail no longer used/needed?
> procmail can be used as the delivery agent if you so want.  if you do
> use it, then you can configure it with .procmailrc scripts on a per
> account basis to do all the usual procmail things.    if you're using
> postfix as the MTA, then you can use its built in 'local' delivery
> agent, or that can be configured to use procmail if you prefer.

I was being a bit silly, mixing up the configuration of dovecot + postfix
with setting up spamassassin.
I have two CentOS-6.4 servers, in different places.
One has been running dovecot + sendmail since CentOS-5,
and the upgrade to CentOS-6 did not affect this.
The other server has never run dovecot until now,
and I had not realized that sendmail had been replaced by postfix
as the default MTA.
It seems to work fine.

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