[CentOS] Manual Yum Updates -- No connectivity to Outside Yum Server

Tue Mar 12 00:34:36 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 3/11/2013 5:16 PM, Al Sparks wrote:
> I want to update a CentOS 6.x install.  But it's located behind a firewall with no connectivity to the external internet.

make a local copy of the centos repository section(s) you need, and 
point your server at that via /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo ...

I use this script (on an internet connected machine) to grab all the 32 
and 64bit centos releases, but not source RPMs

/usr/local/bin/lftp -c 'open ftp://mirrors.kernel.org && lcd 
/export/mirror && mirror --continue --verbose=1 -x ia64 -x s390 -x s390x 
-x alpha -x SRPMS centos'

then, my CentOS-Base.repo looks like...

name=CentOS-$releasever - Base

(where that xx.yy.ww.zz is the internal/private IP of my mirror server...)

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