[CentOS] Vhost.conf file and info. re: partitions and physical drives

Wed Mar 13 22:02:36 UTC 2013
Bruce Whealton <bruce at futurewaveonline.com>

         I was following a tutorial for setting up apache to work with more
than one domain, virtual domains.  So, I created a vhost.conf file in the
folder /etc/httpd/conf.d/  When I saved that file, which gets called by the
httpd.conf file inside the directory /etc/httpd/conf/, I tried to restart
the server and it failed to start.  I had to rename the vhost.conf file to
vhost.conf.back to keep what I did and try to figure out how to get this to
work.  I'll copy that very short file below.

First, regarding the next issue, I want to figure out where, on which
physical drive, a top level partition exists.  Specifically /opt.   I have
the Centos installed on a drive that is 1TB, and on that drive the / root
directory is mounted.  I'm concerned that one drive might be going bad and
it is the smaller drive anyway.  So, I just don't know how to find this
information.  I can get information on some directories with a few commands
that deal with partitions, but I don't see how to find the physical location
of every single top level partition.

thanks in advance for help.  I'll post the vhost.conf file that caused the
server to not start.

NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>
     ServerAdmin webmaster at fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com
     ServerName fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com
     ServerAlias www.fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com
     DocumentRoot /home/www/fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com/public_html/
     ErrorLog /home/www/fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com/logs/error.log
     CustomLog /home/www/fwwebdev.dnsdynamic.com/logs/access.log combined

<VirtualHost *:80>
     ServerAdmin webmaster at futurewavewebdevelopment.com
     ServerName futurewavewebdevelopment.com
     ServerAlias www.futurewavewebdevelopment.com
     DocumentRoot /home/www/futurewavewebdevelopment.com/public_html/
     ErrorLog /home/www/futurewavewebdevelopment.com/logs/error.log
     CustomLog /home/www/futurewavewebdevelopment.com/logs/access.log


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