[CentOS] Postfix (Roundcube client) sends mail, but not able to receive

Thu Mar 14 11:25:33 UTC 2013
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 03/14/2013 12:33 AM, Austin Einter wrote:
> Hi Les Mikesell
> The rpm installed in my m/c is *amavisd-new-2.6.4-2.el6.noarch*.
> I believe it is from epel (I have epel repo enabled).
> Is it incompatible?

If you ARE using the amavisd from epel, you should follow the 
instructions from:




as it uses rpmfusion, if I recall right.  But definitely not epel. Part 
of the reason I did not follow its anti-spam portion.

The install should have been:

yum install amavisd-new clamav clamav-devel clamd spamassassin

Then there are group permission problems.  I have entered a bug report 
for epel on this: 906396

You need to:

gpasswd -a clam amavis
chkconfig clamd on
chkconfig amavisd on

Then there are some specific run directories that have to match.  I am 
in the Orlando airport and they are blocking my SSH back to my server to 
get the correct changes but my old notes with me say something to the 

in /etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf change .pid to match in /etc/clamd.conf  
But I can't get to the exact info until I get home this afternoon.

Then the var directory is not created by the rpm.  You need to:

cd /var/spool/amavisd
mkdir var
chown amavis:amavis var
chmod 700 var

Though one follow soujourner said 750 for the whole tree.


service amavisd start
service clamd start
chkconfig amavisd on

Then test with:

telnet localhost 10024
ehlo localhost

telnet localhost 10025
ehlo localhost

postconf -e 'content_filter=amavisfeed:[]:10024'

cd /usr/share/doc/amavisd-new-2.6.4/test-messages
perl -pe 's/./chr(ord($&)^255)/sge' <sample.tar.gz.compl | zcat | tar xvf -

And test with:

sendmail -i user at domain.com < sample-virus-simple.txt
sendmail -i user at domain.com < sample-spam-GTUBE-junk.txt

Check maillog to see what is happening.  Depending on your amavisd.conf 
you may be dropping these or tagging them, but letting them go through.

I really need to publish MY howto.  But only after I go live in about a